Berlin Photo Walk! My favorite routes + maps

This is a short list of my favorite photo routes when I am shooting in Berlin. I tried to combine some popular spots, but excluded the most famous landmarks like the Brandenburger Tor or the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz. Those are obviously great locations, but I want to give you some variety. Especially for those who are new to the city or worse – landed in Berlin during the lockdown. I included maps and resting locations, so you can plan your routes accordingly and enjoy some good coffee and food. Red dots are where most of the photos I took came from. Let’s go!

Disclaimer: Please check for new lockdown rules and opening hours, as the businesses don’t operate regularly right now!

Charlottenburg – Kurfürstendamm and nearby Streets

The most famous building in the area has to be the Kaiser Wilhelm Church in the middle of Breitscheidplatz, but the streets nearby also have some little gems hidden, that don’t jump in the eye immediately.

One of them is the new-ish Motel One building (with a great bar on the 10th floor) and the crossing between KaDeWe and Europa Center. The small hidden streets between Zoologischer Garten and Kurfürstendamm Station are also great, especially at night when bars like The Hat are open.

For the walk I recommend starting 4-5 pm on Savignyplatz Station, which has an amazing book shop called Bücherbogen and small restaurants right at the station exit. Then walk slowly till Zoologischer Garten and go into the side street near the train. From there you can go for a quick pic of the Bristol Hotel and walk to the Church. Walk straight till the crossing between Zara and Uniqlo. When the sun sets near the crossing you can get some cool sunny shots.

If you need coffee Adele’s cafe lita and Cafe Miro – both near Uhlandstraße – got you! Both have amazing coffee and the nicest owners in this part of the city! The prices are also reasonable!

If you’re hungry Kantstrasse is your friend. For Japanese food go to Udagawa! Their Katsu Curry is amazing and the portions are huge!

Kreuzberg – from Prinzenstraße to Kottbusser Tor Station

This is going to be a long one! But it’s where the best urban spots for street photography are. If you saw some street art shots from Berlin, there is a 90% chance that it was took in Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain.

We start at U-bahnhof Prinzenstraße (U1) with its pink and blue color scheme and walk east until we see one of Berlin Classics – a gigantic Apollo and Daphne wall mural by Francesco Bosoletti and Young Jarus (the exact address is Wassertorstraße 65). After you take your picture of this masterpiece its time to head to the Böcklerpark. Walk your way until the Admiralsbrücke and head down the Admiralstraße for some more graffiti work as well as cool backyards and you should end up at the Kottbusser Tor Station (U1 and U8) or as locals call it Kotti!

You can take a break or go for a nice beer at Cafe Kotti ( beware if you are a non-smoker as smoking is allowed indoors). For a cup of coffee “the go” I recommend streetcoffee36. Its really affordable and tastes delicious!

Another locals spot is the roasted nuts shop called Smyrna Kuruyemis Nüsse. During the summer, there are hardly any siting spots due to its popularity.

Kreuzberg/Friedrichshain – from Kotti to Treptower Park Station

After you take a break at Kotti, it’s time to thoroughly explore the neighborhood. It will take you some time to explore everything as it’s very dense and full of street art.

The most interesting areas for me are Wrangelkiez at Schlesisches Tor (U1) and Arena Berlin. As someone who spend my childhood in this area I know every street corner like the back of my hand.

The RAW Gelände is also a nice location, but the area grows more shady every time I go there, so I don’t feel too comfortable recommending it.

From Kottbusser Tor you can decide if you want to explore the streets near the Landwehrkanal or you head straight to Wrangelkiez. There you can find not only street art, but a lot of old playgrounds, the old Lido building, the Marien Liebfrauen Church ( its my favorite building in the area – a church in the middle of houses and a laundry shop on the left).

For some good old Lebanese food, go to Nour. If you like candy – Candy Fans is your wonderland! As for a casual night with friends in the summer: try Anh-Yen China Imbiss. It’s not on google maps but the address is Warschauerstr. 45, 10243 Berlin. You’re welcome!

Next, head to Warschauerstraße for the famous Oberbaumbrücke and a nice shot of the TV Tower in the distance. On the left you will also find the East Side Gallery.

After exploring the Berlin Wall go back to Oberbaumbrücke and go right. You will find yourself in front of the Universal Music building. Go in and behind you can chill at the Spree. Your goal is to reach the other bridge near Treptower Park for a nice pic of the Molecule Man.

From Nollendorfplatz to Potsdamer Platz

A lesser known street art area is the route from Nollendorfplatz (U1, U2, U3, U4) to Bülowstraße. You can find a lot of wall murals and, as for now, empty buildings.

It is near the Gleisdreieck Park which is a great place to relax, eat some take out and people watch.

To reach the entrance to the park go to the American Church in Berlin – the entrance is behind the church. The train rails will guide you.

From there you can go to Potsdamer Platz and take some photos of the large architecture. I personally like the buildings at the Schellingstraße and of course the Sony Center. Try to go there after its dark, as the ceiling changes colors then.

For more photography tips try:

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